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Just For You Services is the complete home service company that handles
everything in your home except for your kids!

Just For You Services (est. 2005), is one of the few home service companies that
has always included disinfecting as part of its cleaning.

Just For You Services uses a one step cleaning process that cleans and disinfects
your home in a safe, and eco-friendly way. We pride ourselves on that fact that we
only using eco-friendly products, giving you and your family the peace of mind that
comes with a clean, disinfected, and eco-friendly home.

Just For You Services believes that every household and family deserves a
disinfected and clean home, not just when specially requested, but each and every
time we clean.

Just For You Services makes sure to clean both high touch areas (such as your
faucets, refrigerator fronts, and handrails) as well as your hard surfaces (such as
your countertops, cabinet fronts, bathtubs, and sinks) each and every time we clean
and disinfect your home.

Just For You Services can offer you any level of professional cleaning from general
to deep-detail, including a moving in clean or a moving out clean, leaving you and
your loved ones with a safe and clean home.

Just For You Services vacuums pet hair off of sofas, chairs, stairwells, corners,
bedding, mattresses, dog beds, and anywhere else in your home that attracts dog
hair, cat hair, and even bird feathers! We make this service available as part of your
general, deep, or deep-detail clean, where many other companies charge you
additional fees when cleaning up after pets.

Just For You Services is happy to provide you with a quote to clean and disinfect
your home. Our quotes outline exactly what is included, whether it be a general,
detailed, or standard refresh clean. When looking at other cleaning services, keep in
mind that we always disinfect, using EPA registered botanical products that are safe
for you, your family, your pets, and those that visit your home. We also can provide
additional disinfecting services that work to keep your home clean and disinfected
between our regularly scheduled cleanings, for an additional fee. This added
disinfecting service is applied to your walls and soft surfaces, and can even be used
to disinfect your car.

Thank you for stopping by our Just For You Services website where we cater to
your cleaning services needs. Feel free to call us with any questions at 972-740-
5897, or e-mail us at You can reach us between 8:00
am and 8:00 pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday between 9:00 am and 6:00

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